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21 Bowker Street

North Brighton SA 5048


The staff at Paringa Park Primary School is a dedicated group comprising of three leadership team, class teachers, specialist teachers and school services officers. We also have a vibrant Out of Schools Hours care service and Canteen.

All educators work collaboratively within the ethos of Professional Learning Teams. Staff encourage parents/carers to participate in a range of school activities. Interaction and communication between staff, parents and children is of a high standard.

Our specialist teachers include:

  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Language Other than English (LOTE) French

All staff are committed to their own ongoing professional development. Many of the staff share their expertise and experience through collaborative planning and in various school Lead Teams.



Prior, Leanne

Leanne Prior

Taylor, Paul

Paul Taylor

Bennett, Tracey

Tracey Bennett

Baldwin, Elise

Betts, Nathan

Burton, Michelle

Chambers, Linda

Cobb, Caroline

Cooper, Ivan

Davies, Jane

Edwards, Victoria

Ellison, Bronte

Fowles, Sarah

Haddow, Ainsley

Hodgson, Vicki

Jarman, Charlie

Jupe, Ashley

Lloyd, Lena

Martin, Rebecca

Mills, Daniel

Milne, Melanie

Osborne, John

Pearl, Rob

Reid, Annette

Staben, Georgina

Stagg, Annette

Staude, Erica

Staude, Shana

Wilkey, Ebony

Amoy, Vivonne

Grover, Jacqueline

Hammond, Stephanie

Kaur, Harinder

Oliver, Murray

Shaw, Nancy

Smith, Katie

Virgo, Nanette

Williams, Donna

Dingle, Anne

Durbridge, Clint

Gepp-Blunden, Lillie

Lane, Susan

Mitchell, Kelly

Moss, Andrea

McGrath, Charlene

Trainor, Anita

Pomeroy, Chanelle