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Paringa Park Primary School aspires to build a community of ‘Powerful Learners’ that are highly focused, motivated and active thinkers, able to communicate effectively in a range of ways and learn together in teams. They can identify and solve multi-step, non-routine and complex problems and use creative thinking to generate original ideas and information. ‘Powerful Learners’ set goals for their learning, draw on their curiosity to ask deep questions that require skilled investigation and find and use information to achieve their purpose.

The school has a 'zoned' enrolment catchment area and is located 1.8kms from the beaches of Brighton and Somerton Park and 12.6kms from the CBD of Adelaide. Paringa Park Primary services the learning needs of primary aged children living in the suburbs of North Brighton and Somerton.

The school has many contemporary indoor and outdoor learning spaces including a performing arts area and full size gymnasium. Many areas in the school have been refurbished including the library. We have two covered outdoor learning areas, one with a stage and a new nature play area.

Specialist programs include Speech and Language Class, French, PE and the Performing Arts with instrumental music tuition offered on a range of instruments.
Our values of Bravery, Care, Challenge and Trust are reflected in our school motto – ‘The Best We Can Be'.

Please note* Enrolments at Paringa Park Primary School are in high demand are we are currently operating under a Capacity Management Plan. We can only accept applications for our enrolment register from families residing in the school zone for 2018 entry. Please note this does not guarantee enrolment at the school. The enrolment register closes on 31 October 2017 for Reception children. No applications will be received after this date. Year 1-7 students on our register will be offered placement, if a vacancy exists with year levels.

Paringa Park Gazettal Notice

Next Principal's Tour - Friday 1 June 2018 @ 10.00am

No appointment necessary - meet in the front office.


Technology and Digital Citizenship
At Paringa Park Primary School, we acknowledge that technology has transformed education and work to incorporate digital technologies into classroom life in meaningful and effective ways. While the school offers access to a range of devices from Reception to Year 7, students from Year 3 onwards are encouraged to purchase a Chromebook to ensure ready access to technology when required throughout the school day.
We adopt a Digital Citizenship approach, supporting students to not only act responsibly when using digital technologies, but also to model creative and engaged technology use.
Paringa Park Primary School Digital Citizenship Agreement

1:1 Chromebook Program

Paringa Park encourages families of students from Year 3-7 to purchase a Chromebook to support their child’s learning through the middle and upper primary years. The Chromebook is a relatively inexpensive device that provides access to a range of programs and applications linked with each child’s school account.
Running the Google Operating System, all students at Paringa Park Primary School utilise Google Apps for Education to research, record, present and organise their learning. Google Apps for Education are cloud-based, meaning that each student can access, add to and refine their work from any device with an Internet connection.
Families have the option of purchasing their Chromebook through the schools IT support provider Learning with Technologies, or purchasing privately.
For more information on the Chromebook program and device usage, please refer to the 1:1 Handbook below.


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21 Bowker Street
North Brighton, SA 5048

[08] 8296-8904
[08] 8296-9401

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