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Feedback and Complaints

The Raising a Complaint with DECD procedures have been developed by DECD to provide parents and schools with a framework and detailed procedural information, for managing concerns and complaints made by parents of children attending DECD schools.

We recognise that at times things may go wrong and if you have a concern or a complaint, we want you to let us know. The first step in working through a complaint is to talk to your child’s teacher if it is classroom based or to a member of the leadership team if it is school based.

Ask at the front office for a copy of the school’ s Raising a Complaint with DECD brochure. A link to the brochure has also been added here. Steps guiding how complaints should be made are explained in the brochure.

Use this guide to help you think through what you are concerned about and how to resolve the matter respectfully and effectively.

About complaints or concerns.
This information may be helpful in explaining what a complaint is:

A complaint may be made by a parent if they think that the school has, for example:

  • done something wrong
  • failed to do something it should have done
  • acted unfairly or impolitely.

Your concern or complaint may be about:

  • the type, level or quality of services
  • the behaviour and decisions of staff
  • a policy, procedure or practice.

Sometimes a complaint is about something we have to do because of State or federal law. In such cases we are able to talk to you about the matter and help you understand the requirements and why they exist.

If you’d like more information, please contact the school or visit the department’s website at or email There is also a Freecall number: 1800 677 435.
We also value positive parent feedback.